Home Suite Home

Oh yes, the pleasure of a well made film. That is what I derived from watching Home Suite Home. Merci beaucoup Jeroen Houben!


A single-take short film that features a lot of very sharp dialogue. Nice one Ivan Kander.

Breaking Point

This film was made at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH and I would imagine that filmmaker Martin Lapp has a very bright future in advertising and film with a short like this on his reel.

I Dream Of Zombies

All his life Jordan has been preparing for the zombie apocalypse. And then one day…
Nicely done Alex Forbes and Jack Pollington.

The Controller

A little boy has to control his mother’s moves in a video game if he is going ot help her get out of a tough situation. This is a fun short film that puts an imaginative spin on the mother-son relationship.

For that moment in the Caribbean

In the parlance of now I would describe this film as “Travel Film Goals”.