I enjoy clever short filmmaking – no two ways about it. And this is a clever short film. The lead character is played by Josef Altin who I understand also stars in Game of Thrones. This one comes highly recommended. Another great example of exceptional student filmmaking.

A Small Escape

This is a beautifully animated fantasy short by filmmaker David Sandell.

Colette Robbins

Documentary storytelling relies a lot–maybe completely–on the subject so it is cool to see what filmmaker Alex Amoling did with this short profile of Colette Robbins in which the artist’s work has informed the design of the video as well.


Viral photo sensations Murad Osmann and his wife Nataly of Follow Me Traveller visit Mexico in this video.

This is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad

The people at Dissolve always produce entertaining content to highlight their stock footage service. This latest effort is no different.

Stories of an Original

This is an 18-minute documentary about the Levi’s 501 jeans. Very tasty production.