The Wire

Elliot Lim designed and animated this sequence inspired by the seminal TV show – The Wire.

The Mirror Dream

As if the process of making timelapse video wasn’t painstaking and time consuming enough here is a film that takes those timelapses and transforms them into hypnotic kaleidoscopic patterns.

The Optimist

Reading is important, no two ways about it. This film definitely means more when you watch it a second time.

Bygone Behemoth

‘Has-been’ or ‘never was’ which one is better? Probably a question for another day but this melancholy short film does a good job of reminding us that time will eventually pass us all by.

Kyle Platts

I like documentary series about artistic inspiration, and Kyle Platts has some interesting things to say. This is one of three episodes of a series that is planned as a 10-episode set.