Nicole Trunfio in a FREE PEOPLE fashion film on Weekend Watching 080314

We have a couple of films on today’s list that truly explore the idea of scale. Fuga is one of them, and the other is Our Drone Future. I have no idea what it cost to make these two films but I’d be surprised if these films were made at fast food prices. They definitely challenge me to up my game as a film-maker.


This is filmmaking on an epic scale. Pretty impressive music as well.

Our Drone Future

This film was made with (relatively) inexpensive gear, and it is awesome.


Great to look at, and educational as well.


Free People gives good fashion film. And they make being young and looking hot seem oh so effortless.

The Shipping Yard

The editing, the imagery, and the sound design. Beautiful, beautiful work!


This one is a slow burner but everyone involved does a good job conveying the depth of emotion inside what seems like an average domestic scene.