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An image from YOGA on Weekend Watching 071213 on OneSmallWindow.com

So hey, how’s your yoga studio working out for you?

This is muscular short film-making. Technically proficient, and it tells a smart story.

Star Moon Airline
I find comfort in effortless (seeming) beauty. And this animated piece for a fictional airline has that quality. Enjoy.

9 Meter
Gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking, heart-breaking cinema.
This is a great example of ambitious filmmaking.

Powerful performance of a piece of writing designed to bring a tear to one’s eye.

Je m’appelle Nathan
This is a short film about autism. Beautiful design, and animation.

And here’s a link to a short behind-the-scenes video about the film.

How do you take the idea of a windy environment to its limits? This short film does a good job of demonstrating the effect.

WARNING: Mildly NSFW on account of some cartoon nudity.

Tarantino and Friends
A tidy infographic video telling it like it is when it comes to filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and the actors he likes to work with again and again.

The 25 Best Films of 2013: A Video Countdown
I love these beautifully edited year-end countdown videos. And this one picks a personal favourite as Numero Uno for 2013.