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When she watched the beginning my co-editor asked if this was a joke. And then she was giggling through the rest of the film. If one must be subjected to advertising all the time, it is amazing when some of that work is actually entertaining. Which this film certainly is.

The Man Who Was Afraid Of Falling
Evocative character design, pretty music, and a simple story told beautifully.

2013 AIGA Medalist: John Bielenberg
I love documentaries about design and designers. Helvetica is one of my favourite documentaries ever so I watched all the AIGA medalist documentaries that were listed on the production company’s Vimeo page. And I enjoyed this one the most.

The Evening Cigarette Vols. 1 and 2
Super stylish animation, delicious typography, and a simple, meaningful message.

A man’s trying to tell us a story. Sometimes that is all that is needed.

First Day on the Job
This animation has been around for a while but I just watched it. It is short, funny, and makes a valid point.

Some movies just provide such a sense of mood you can feel what’s happening on screen. This short by David Altobelli gave me that feeling.