This cute animated student film is dedicated to human space flight, animal rescue, and cleaning up pollution. Nice work.

Edouard Martinet | Insectophile

In a funny way, this short documentary is a companion piece to the film featured above. And proof of the saying: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Watch this one all the way through to see beautiful examples of Edouard Martinet’s work.

The Moment

This is a beautiful rendering of a familiar story. I knew where it was going but I still enjoyed the way it was told, and the way it looked.

Wednesday Afternoon Fever

Don’t you just hate it when the herd does not follow your lead?


Tell it like it Mr. Bukowski! Another brilliant poem by Charles Bukowski made into a stunningly enjoyable short film. Slightly NSFW.

The D in David

This racy animated short is also really funny.