Me & You

I’ve been a fan of Jack Tew’s work ever since I watched Hi I’m Carl five years (has it really been that long?) ago. I was super excited to learn that he had a new short film online and Me & You is totally worth the wait. When it was done S said, “that was a Linklater-worthy film.” Around these parts there is really not much higher praise than that for consistently beautiful filmmaking about relationships.

Danny and the Wild Bunch

So this is a wildly inventive short film featuring a beautifully-integrated mix of live action and animated characters. I recognise the lead actress Nora Zehetner from that time she played the femme fatale in Brick, the delicious high school-set noir that kickstarted filmmaker Rian Johnson’s career.

The Quiet Escape

A beautiful audiovisual realisation of an idea big city dwellers grapple with at some point or the other in their lives.


Baxter was online a while ago but had to be taken down because it had qualified for a Student Academy Award. Here is our opportunity to finally enjoy the (mis)adventures of Baxter the raccoon.

Knuckle Visualizer

There is a standalone video online which simply shows the visualizer in action but I’m featuring the making of the video (which is followed by the finished product) just so that you can marvel at the work that went into making this cool piece.