This Is It

Awesome! No two ways about it, this is short film-making done right. Bravo Alexander Engel.

A Little Film About… Thomas Burden

I am a big huge unashamed fan of pretty pictures and this short film about Thomas Burden is simply overflowing with pretty pictures. I wasn’t aware of UK illustrators’ agency Handsome Frank before this but I visited their website, and there is a lot of amazing work to look at over there.

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl

Beautifully filmed, edited, and scored, this short film is a moving look at a town that was abandoned 28 years ago.

When You Say You’re A Swimmer

Amazing editing and camera work in this super short film. Very cool energy.

Ronin Motor Works

I saw this in filmmaker Kendy Ty‘s twitter feed. The video is amazing, as is the story of what RMW set out to do, and even though I don’t ride I really want one of these motorcycles.


This may be a short film but it is epic big screen filmmaking. A lot of these images are not going to make sense on phone screens or other handheld devices so check it out–in HD–on the biggest screen you can find.