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Filmmaker Mark Mazur’s gorgeous trilogy of summer-inspired films is complete with August.

The Planets

“An animated short film in twelve parts.” it says. Well they are all lovely.

Interview With a Time Traveler

I’ve always enjoyed short films that manage to do a lot with a single location. Interview is such a film. Starring Eric Johnson and Elias Toufexis this is essentially ‘two guys in a room talking’ but it is a testament to the filmmaking that the film is always engaging.

The Sand Storm

It is pretty cool that a short film that just premiered at the Telluride Film Festival is now available online. Filmed by ace cinematographer Christopher Doyle, the short film stars Ai Weiwei, Hu Jianing, Li Ning, and Bai Yao. Check it out to see what a lo-fi science fiction-tinged short can look like when lensed by a master.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Dramatic modeling and effects come together with a compelling narrative to promote one of the Call of Duty video games.

EF 50 years – live The Language

I love these Live The language ads and this one is a tasty recap of the style with period elements thrown in to highlight the fact that this organization has been doing this for 50 years. Great work by director Gustav Johansson, D.O.P. Evan Prosofsky and typographer Albin Holmqvist.


This just makes you want to go there. Beautifully filmed, very cool colour timing.

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

You’ll have to watch this twice: once to just hear Tom O’Bedlam’s amazing narration, and then to actually register the imagery.