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The perils of living your life on social networks highlighted in less than four minutes.

Every time!
Every time I see one of the Carte Noire films I get hungry and jealous at the same time. The latter because the filmmaking is so good, and the former because the filmmaking is so good.

This is advertising done so so right.

Building A Bicycle
Exactly like it says in the title this is a short interview/demonstration with the makers of Quella bicycles out of the UK.

Six Photographs
I had no idea who René Burri was but to listen to the man talk and to look at his photographs is to get a sense of what it means to have lived a life in pursuit of a career in a single field.

WALTER – The Gathering
For the small—relatively speaking—window of time that I made animated short films I loved it. But it is long, lonely work and I stopped. But I love animated filmmaking, especially these cool short films being made in schools around the world. This is the first episode of a longer-running story and I really enjoyed the animation in this piece.

To get a sense of the work that goes into a piece of this length, check out the ‘making of’ video here.

Stop The Dog
Dog videos, cat videos, hedgehog videos, doesn’t matter, I am a huge fan. And when it features such a stellar leading man, and a funny little story, that is just icing on top of a delicious cake.