Tokyo Roar

“Tokyo saturates the senses. This is my impression of the city’s many personalities,” is what filmmaker brandon Li had to say about the subject of this film. And now, thanks to this film, our senses are saturated as well. Superlative filmmaking Mr. Li.

Namie Amuro – Golden Touch

What are the cool things you could do with a music video in which you ask viewers to touch the screen in a designated spot? Check out this super cool music video to find out.


This is definitely not an idea I’ve heard before. Nice one by writer/director Stefan Parker.

Predator: Dark Ages

Fan films come in all shapes and sizes. This one has appreciable production quality and does a good job of extending the mythology of those twittering dreadlocked alien villains.

Sounds of New York

I like it when advertisers have fun with their messaging. This film stars music producer FaltyDL and is directed and edited by Chris Shimojima. A piece of work that the makers can be proud of.

The Cinder Cone

If you ever envisioned building your own home with a group of friends, this is what the experience could look like. That the living space that resulted from their efforts is beautifully cosy is just the icing on the cake.

Looking Glass

Filmed by shooting directly into shop and office windows, this meditation on life on the street is beautiful to look at, and the music–by filmmaker Bill Newsinger himself–sounds great too. So go ahead, just luxuriate in the ambience of it all.