Night of the Slasher

A young woman has a list of bad deeds she must commit so that she can conjure up her very own slasher. Fun film by Shant Hamassian.

70s Venice Beach

I don’t usually like animated films that could have been made just as effectively in the live action format. This video is an exception to my (kinda, sorta) rule. So satisfying to look at, and an amazingly strong vibe. Beautiful work by Damien Deschamps, Vincent Gallut & Lucie Prigent.


All of life’s little dissatisfactions in one beautifully animated video.

Call of Duty Interactive Trailers

I’m just in awe of the design and animation in this compilation.

Mad Lib Theatre with Benedict Cumberbatch

That’s Doctor Strange right there providing world class entertainment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.