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Every week we scour the Internet for the most inspiring, entertaining, thought-provoking pieces of filmmaking. We do this to be inspired, to learn, and to feel connected by more than just tweets and Facebook updates.

The documentary/music video hybrid that closes out this week’s selection is so powerful because it shows us how a couple lived: off the grid, and through a terrible personal time. The Django Django music video shows us a group of men who challenge life every time they go to work (for the entertainment of others like themselves). We also have four very distinct examples of narrative fiction which address different aspects of the human condition.

It is a lot to process. But it is all so very good.

If I Had A Heart
I have been continuously impressed by the dark ferocious heart of what little Korean cinema I’ve watched. This short film was made by filmmakers from the UK. And they have done a terrific job of capturing that tone and style.

Django Django – WOR
A music video for a Mercury Prize winning act shot in the Well of Death in Allahabad, India.

Beautiful creature effects, muscular sound design. Feast your eyes.

Dead In The Room
Nice and tense. Probably also the kind of film that will be most appreciated by frustrated screenwriters everywhere. But hey that’s something, right?

What Do We Have In Our Pockets?
Quirky tale about a young man with overflowing pockets.

Una Hora Por Favor
Overbearing mother, tough dating scene, bring on the comedy!

We have seen consistently excellent work coming out of animation schools. This is another example. And there is a message in there for all of us.

Hybrid music video/documentary.