SPIDER DROVE A TAXI on Weekend Watching 050414 on OneSmallWindow.com

A Girl Named Elastika

Stop-motion animation is not possible without a great deal of patience. This film just blew our minds in terms of what the filmmakers had achieved with just elastic bands and push pins.

Let Us Roam – Ray Barbee

A short portrait of the life and times of a legendary skateboarder told in a really classy manner.

Spider Drove A Taxi

Such a beautifully filmed piece. While there is a lot of history in the black and white imagery, I really enjoyed looking at the modern video that tied the piece together.

The Tommy Wu Tale

I don’t know how Danny Sangra does it. I really don’t, but his short films are just so darned enjoyable!

It’s Always The Same Old Song

So this is how you make an anti drinking and driving commercial without resorting to sensationalist imagery. Nicely done!