Gold by CHET FAKER on Weekend Watching 041014 on


Wow. That is bleak, but beautiful to look at.

Above America

This is a collection of aerial footage filmed in the 80s in America. Looking at this footage reminded me of my youth — perhaps from a time when I only watched a certain kind of Hollywood movie. I love drone and HD camera footage as much as the next digital apologist but this material has a certain special quality to it that renders it truly worthy of the word ‘film’.

10 Seconds

“The key thing–I guess like everything–is patience.”
This profile of Mike Heist, a designer of neon signs is fascinating. You’ll see what I mean.

The Van

An absolutely delightful animation about the development of the van. This is so much fun to look at.

What is Literature for?

A beautiful way to think about literature in these attention-deficient times.

Chet Faker – Gold

Amazing music video. The ladies in this video are very very talented, and major props to filmmaker Hiro Murai and choreographer Ryan Heffington for always keeping things interesting.