Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou

This story has been told several times–of the opposites that attract–but when it is done right, like filmmakers Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon have done here, it is the type of film that effortlessly warms the cockles of your heart.

Long Story Short

A short like this could have gone so, so wrong. And yet, they get this one so, so right. Awesome.


Stop-motion animation is very hard work. The fact that all the effects in this short were made in camera using strategically placed LEDs and (clearly) lots of cotton wool, makes this a very cool achievement.

Glass Slippers

This First Person View film tells the tale of Cinderella, from her point of view. Very cool effort.


Interesting character and sound design. The final outcome is sort of expected but it is fun to watch all the same.

The Very Big Problems of Very Pretty Girls

That title alone is worth the price of spending two minutes watching this video. Apart from the fact that the video features pretty girls, it manages to be drily funny as well.