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Short form storytelling is alive and well and these are excellent examples of narratives that tell compelling stories, and serve as attention-getters for the filmmakers.

Mature storytelling. Beautiful cinematography. Totally worthy of all the film festival attention this short as received.

Lose Control
This one is a music video and it is also a beautifully rendered portrait of grief.

A single location short film that features a very impressive example of special effects.

This is just a well-acted, well-shot, well-directed narrative film. Designed as a proof-of-concept prequel to a feature film by the same director, the storytelling here is just so evolved and masterful.

Spy vs Guy
I am normally able to keep my envy in check but this film, with its scale, ambition, and seemingly effortless execution really tested my limits. Almost completely dialogue-free, this was made to showcase a product made by a company called Red Giant, but really it is just excellent filmmaking.

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