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It’s different from what you expected

This set of IDs for a Japanese education program about design is just so amazing.

Sneaker Broker

There are a lot of things I don’t ‘get’ about how the world works, and one of those things is the hype around sneakers. I like sneakers, actually I love sneakers, but that like/love is based on my response to the aesthetics of a shoe as well as the comfort I derive from walking in those shoes. I definitely don’t understand why some shoes enjoy mad amounts of hype while others are rejected by the fans and the tastemakers.

This short documentary is a fascinating look at the business of reselling hyped sneakers at significantly marked up prices.

Daniel Arnold – Odds and Ends

Two filmmakers followed street photographer Daniel Arnold around New York for three days to capture his process of finding subjects.

Girls Are Like Pizza

Okay then.

The Lofoten Islands

This just looks so beautiful I had to share it.

Poster Girl

Bella Hadid stars as the object of a young boy’s fantasies in this fashion film for Teen Vogue. Nice retro styling in the filmmaking.