The Fly

This seemingly contained short features stellar production value, amazing levels of tension, and a comedic exaggeration of a situation that gets taken to the total extreme in a really good way. Bravo Olly Williams and team.


This is what pro filmmaking looks like, and this is how you make a 16-minute short that flies by like it was less than five minutes long. Gorgeous atmosphere, effective production design, and amazing storytelling. The narrative itself exudes the kind of mystery that makes us want more. And someday I hope there is. Brilliant work Douglas Jessup and team!

Philadelphia 76ers ‘Since 1776’

This is an energetic example of marrying team history with local pride and history at large. And the editing is a masterclass in whipping up a batch of energy out of shots that might be totally lifeless in and of themselves. I like advertising that does…something.

Little Kaiju

The guys at TWiN — also the makers of the 76ers spot featured above — also made this beautiful short in 2012. I love twist endings and this one is a beaut!

Bûche Royale

This is a cool looking short film with a surprisingly powerful message about how humans are damaging the planet. Well done Sarah Amrani, Aline Lesage and Lucy Vallin.

Georgetown Optician

Fun fashion film focused on eyewear.