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Truth In Journalism
So this is a ‘bootleg’ film or perhaps it is a fan film, I don’t know. Borrowing its framing device from the 1992 film Man Bites Dog this short tells the story of a favourite character from the Marvel Comics universe. And yes True Blood fans, that is Ryan Kwanten in the lead role.

Fair warning: There is some pretty foul language towards the end of the film.

The Thing About Dogs
Dogs are my favourite. And this little film does a great job of imagining the intelligence we are unable to utilize because of the language barrier.

Ah well, there are still several beautiful creatures to marvel at in this film.

It looks like your average pretty film until that special effect kicks in. And then the film is elevated to that realm of ‘I don’t quite know how they did that.’

Beautiful visuals. And the filmmaking does a great job of conveying a sense of helplessness against forces larger than one’s self.

This is a very good example of reimagining an idea that has been done before. The filmmakers do this really well.

Fortune Elephant Dream
Possibly one of the oldest stories in filmed entertainment and yet this short manages to be both entertaining and visually rich.