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This film by Latvian filmmaker Gints Zilbalodis tells a moving, human story unlike anything playing at your neighbourhood multiplex right now. This is quality animated filmmaking of the highest order and if there is any justice in the world major movie studios should be throwing real money at this filmmaker to help realize bigger, more vibrant cinema like this one. In a world as media-saturated as ours we can still use stories like Priorities.

Read my interview with the filmmaker here.

The Elevator Pitch

This short is funny because it takes an interesting approach to reminding aspiring filmmakers that there are more than the usually imagined steps to ‘making it’ in the business.


The first person point-of-view is tough to pull off. This is an interesting take on the sub-genre. And the short arrives with praise from Francis Ford Coppola.

Clark Little’s Shorebreak Photos

Photographer Clark Little takes a very specific kind of picture, the man’s enthusiasm is infectious, and, well, you’d better see for yourself.


An interesting example of a lyric video. Doesn’t hurt that they’ve augmented the animation in this track by Tiësto (featuring Matthew Koma) with attractive young women but hey, whatever works, right?

Hoof It

Quirky animated short about a boy who takes off on a dangerous journey to rescue the family goat.

The Amazing Spider-Man Parkour

Ever wondered how Spider-Man would get around if his web shooters stopped working? This video has the answer. And you can read my review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 here.