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An intense 20-minute short about drive and ambition. Very powerful filmmaking.

La Mer de Pianos
A beautiful, lyrical documentary about a man who runs the oldest piano shop in Paris.

New York City Ballet – Young Patrons Circle
No matter how many times this parallels in split-screen narrative is done, I enjoy every one of them. Especially when it comes together like this one did.

La Cruz
This is a film to list under “things that make you go Woah!” What starts out as a simple father-daughter driving lesson escalates into something very disturbing in very short order.

WARNING: This is not for the easily disturbed.

Why Do I Study Physics?
This is just amazing animation, design, and storytelling.

Light Goes On
Ambitious light-painted animation.

A simple but beautiful portrait of a girl’s last day with her father before she moves away.

What happens when you find something that doesn’t belong to you?

The Most Quoted Man in News
I guess this is one way to go about seeking fame and immortality.

Volkswagen 2013
I am a sucker for cute animal videos. This one is very very cool.