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A Truncated History of Infinity

It doesn’t take a film student to recognize that a lot of effort and thought went into the making of this short film. And it is an achievement that Paul Trillo the filmmaker can take pride in.

Watch it and marvel.

Pushing On

Beautiful looking music video for a Oliver $ & Jimi Jules track that examines ageing rather joyfully.

The Prize Inside

A sweet little animated tale about friendship and adventure.

Every Runner Has A Reason

Personal reversals can always serve to demotivate a person, so I am always enriched and encouraged by the story of a person like Ronnie Goodman who is fighting against the odds.


This is dark stylish animation and I could look at work like this all day long.

La Redoute

I love ‘Identikit Outfit Montages’ (self-invented term thankyouverymuch!). This ad does it so right.