Ten Days: A Modern Success Story

Over the years that I’ve been a working filmmaker I have really come to appreciate–more from watching rather than making, I must admit–the power of documentary filmmaking.

This film is a powerful example of what a documentary can be, and the story it tells is unmatched in the fiction realm. Much respect to filmmaker Ryan Booth for telling this story and to Michael Stevenson for agreeing to have this very personal story told.


Funny monologue, written and performed – very well by Loren Kinsella.

A Series of Untranslatable Words About Love

Beautifully animated illustrations highlight words in different languages for certain feelings that don’t have equivalent English words.

Obstructing Sounds

I didn’t know that this was an ad when I played it, but I love the style, and I’ve been reading some interesting things about Bose, and its founder, so that was an interesting bit of synchronicity at work.

Accidents, Blunders and Calamities

Beautifully animated short film that is also really quite macabre.