Child’s Play

Murat Kiliç’s short film is a beautifully choreographed meditation on the spoils of war.

First Crack

I love early mornings, so I totally get where Vincent Ribeiro is coming from. I also thoroughly enjoyed the filmmaking on this one.


Blur Studios does it again! I would totally watch a feature-length version of these wise-cracking characters living in this colourful futuristic world.

The High Five

Have you ever given any thought to where the High Five comes from? This short documentary tells an interesting tale of the origins of the action that has evolved into a complicated set of manoeuvres only regular practitioners can remember.

Heart of Darkness

Too short but oh so good!

The Adventures of Indiana Jones

This hand-animated passion project by Patrick Schoenmaker serves as a title sequence for a Tv series that doesn’t (yet) exist.