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Captain T & T
Every once in a while a short film comes along, that simply blows everything else out of the water. This fantastic short is one of those films. Lay your eyes upon it, and marvel at the skill on display.

The Real Thing
I love a good yarn, I really do. And this short documentary about a custom car that marries the design of an American muscle classic with a rare engine and some modern-day design is a good one. VROOM!!

Round Round Song
The cinemagraph as music video. Such fun!

The Tennis Wall
How is this for a short autobiographical film? Pretty good I think.

Blow Up
There is no denying the quality of filmmaking on Blow Up. I was very impressed by the style but I also found the storytelling a little frustrating. Perhaps you will have a better experience than myself?

One Man
Wordless filmmaking. I am a huge fan. To be able to think only in moving pictures without relying on dialogue is a big, appreciable skill. The filmmakers do a bang up job in this one.

No F****** Around in Room 427
There have been all kinds of stories told in a single location. Some do it fantastically, some of them not so much. This short film tells a funny story so well, it makes me a little envious.

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