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Adult themes abound in this edition of Weekend Watching. Some material is definitely Not Safe For Work, and if you are below 18, close this page and leave right now.

Up first: a companion film set–made by separate filmmakers and featuring a common scene. As a fan of the idea of films that exist in the same universe I cannot tell you how awesome that is to me.


Fantastic filmmaking, amazing performances, and a story that will make you want to take a shower afterwards. Writer/director Stephen Fingleton is my new hero.


The beauty about Selfie and SLR is that you can watch them in whatever order and they still work together so beautifully. This is filmmaking that truly mirrors, and holds up a mirror to, the prevalent digitally-connected culture.

43,000 Feet

Sometimes a film comes along, where the only way for me to describe the craft on display is for me to call it ‘sexy’. 43,000 Feet is one such film.
Just sit back and marvel at director Campbell Hooper’s total control of his narrative in this one.


It’s true what the main character says in this short film: It is easier to write the beginning to a film than to write a satisfactory ending.
WARNING: Mildly NSFW language and imagery.

Juan & La Borrega

The art direction, the cinematography, the performances…beautiful work in service of an efficient narrative.

We’re Having Sex

The official synopsis on Vimeo reads: “David and Kate’s sex life is on the wane. In an effort to save their relationship, they decide to raise the stakes: have sex that night or break up.”

This is a very well enacted, and directed study of a modern relationship.

WARNING: Also features NSFW language and imagery.


The only right way to describe this movie is as a ‘whodunnit’ and you’ll see why that’s amusing when the film plays out.