We live in difficult times and the rules are constantly changing for what is and isn’t considered appropriate behaviour. One truth? Privacy is a thing of the past. With cellphones, laptops, desktop and tablet computers all carrying cameras of one form or the other, couple with closed-circuit video in stores and office buildings, as well as traffic cameras and whatnot, it won’t be long before there isn’t a single place where a person can be alone–with their thoughts, or a loved one.

The truth is that we cannot live paranoid, but that doesn’t mean we cannot live aware.

This short film features a very engaging performance by the lead actress and Jasmine Anne Osborne is really easy on the eyes–which is the point really isn’t it? When does the viewer cross the line into becoming the voyeur? When does all of this stop being fun and games?

This short film was created by Stefan Haverkamp, Jan Jaworski, Branden Kramer, and Tom Kropp, from a screenplay by Kramer. Editor Lorraine Paul deserves a special mention for cutting this together with such atmosphere while continually maintaining that ‘culled from what material was available’ feel.

This is found-footage cinema at its best. That it is based on actual events only makes it more chilling.

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