Umbro Blackout

There are beautiful examples of creative work being released to the Internet every single day and some days I am so focused on consuming all this awesomeness that I don’t leave enough hours for myself to produce work of my own. Yesterday we were blown away by the work of students paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock.

Today, I’m featuring this stunningly beautiful piece of professional work that features the voice of Carlos Alberto Torres a Brazilian soccer player who was once named by PelĂ© as one of the top 125 greatest living footballers (according to Torres’s Wikipedia entry).

This film was probably made to support the advertising for Umbro’s New York Cosmos Blackout Collection – a clothing collection inspired by a city-wide power outage in 1977 that led to widespread looting and arson. I’m guessing it wasn’t exactly a shining moment for the Big Apple.

What is amazing however, is this film.

Made by the talented folks at Buck, this type of film makes me wonder, yet again, why we need colour in our moving pictures at all.

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