Pretty people imperiled. Pretty people triumphant. Pretty people messed up in that way that only moving picture pretty people seem to manage to get messed up. It is all very cool and seductive. And I like watching ‘pretty people flaming out’ movies – short or otherwise.

So this here is a music video-short film hybrid that is the third in a trilogy of shorts made by 24-year-old (that is disgusting!) filmmaker Saman Keshavarz for the Midnight Club EP by Russ Chimes. Russ Chimes is a producer, remixer and DJ from London (UK) and Keshavarz has already made a couple of cool viral videos like the very fun Luv Deluxe video for Cinnamon Chasers

This makes it three Stellar Shorts I’ve found in three days.

You’re welcome.

For More Information:
Russ Chimes’ Official Website
Saman Keshavarz’s blog