My only interface with golf was from when I played it on the PlayStation II. I wasn’t very good at it even when the elements were digital and easy to read. So I cannot imagine how the people featured in this video do it.

Today’s Stellar Short is a 7-minute documentary about Anil Mane, a caddy at the Bombay Presidency Golf Club who also plays a version of the game, in and around the slums of Mumbai, that sounds like a video game challenge, or a scene from the movie Happy Gilmore. E:60, ESPN’s news story program features this Indian golfer who doesn’t come from a wealthy family, didn’t graduate high school and has a family of four to support on an income that is lower than the bar bills of some of the people I know.

Watch this film, try and ignore the gratuitous use of ‘desi’ motifs and inserts of slum dwellers, and learn something new about this city we call home. And major kudos to whoever came up with the ‘3 Hole Slum Golf Tournament’.