Sometimes I am more than open to the idea that ‘a little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down easier.’

La Prochaine Fois is an advertisement (for the 2010-11 Resort Line of Pret-A-Surf) masquerading as a short film. And that is okay. Especially when the film tells this cool little story that extolls the virtues of patience and persistence while simultaneously highlighting the key pieces (and how a girl could wear them) in the advertised line.

I am not bloody-minded enough to object about being advertised to as I watch an attractive girl sashay across the screen in swim and surf wear. And it really is a fun little story.

So directors Duffy Higgins and John Jaxheimer get a short film for their reels, the brand gets a cool piece of advertising, model Elsa Hosk can add ‘actress’ to her resume…everybody wins.

For all the reasons listed above, and also because I love it when a simple story is nicely shot, decently enacted and well put together, I dub this a Stellar Short.