Yet again, student animation comes out of nowhere and blows my mind.

According to the description accompanying this video, “Hezarfen is a historical Turkish character. The story takes place in 1632 in Istanbul, where he will attempt the first flight of the human being.”

And wow, what a fantastic attempt – the film, not the actual objectives of the main character.

This has to be seen. Now!

UPDATE: I was a remiss to not include the following credits (as I have been informed by Bora Öztunç in the comments below) so, here goes:

Team Leader / Technical Director
Tolga Ari

Art Director
Romain Blanchet

Lead FX
Chung-Yu Huang

Lead Animator
Rémy Hurlin

Music by:
Yannis Dumoutiers

Sound Design by:
Ozan Kurtulus

[ Animation discovered thanks to the good people at Drawn ]