I am a big advocate of Vimeo – the video hosting website – primarily because their video presentation is aesthetically most pleasant to me. Also because they do cool things like hosting ‘Weekend Projects’ that challenge their filmmaking community to go out and make films based on fun themes. As any honest filmmaker will readily admit – actually finding motivation to go out and make a film can prove to be the hardest part of the process.

I have wanted to participate several times before but life, circumstances or the absence of an idea have always intruded to thwart my intentions. Not this time though!

The challenge was to make a Video Haiku.

I liked the way the structure of a haiku was reinterpreted for the purpose of making films of this type. To mimic the syllables-per-line structure of a haiku, the film had to feature three shots – 5 seconds, 7 seconds and 5 seconds in duration. I had footage lying around so my barrier to entry was low. But sonaluna and I were determined to make something that we would be proud of.

So she spent a couple hours on Friday working out the structures and rhythms of haiku, and wrote five out for me to choose from.

Next step was clip selection and while the curating process made me yearn for a small camera with a nice lens that facilitates the collection of nice-looking footage for occasions exactly like this one, I was able to nail down the clips I would use in our film (everything was shot at different times over the past year with the now-discontinued Flip camera).

Note to aspiring filmmakers: Like photographers, always keep shooting. You never know when you could use something you’ve shot in an interesting cutaway (or insert) for one of your projects.

Once we agreed upon the clips and the order of their appearance, sonaluna produced snatches of music from stuff she’s been working on in her down time and et voila! we had our first participation-ready video for a Vimeo Weekend Challenge.

Please drop us a line in the comments section to tell us what you thought of our effort.

Thank you for watching.

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