Any time a film comes along, that genuinely re-imagines a classic story, I am overcome with envy while being simultaneously thoroughly impressed. So after berating myself for not having wired my brain to think that way, I take in the splendour of this new imaginary world and remind myself that it is not too late to learn.

The new Sherlock TV series that BBC recently showed us was one such example (hate that the Brits make so few episodes per series). I was also totally into Guy Ritchie’s reinvention of the detective for the movies.

All of this to say that I am totally loving the vibe and the idea behind the trailer for this Cannes 2011-bound version of Sleeping Beauty. This is re-imagination at a pretty severe extreme. Emily Browning plays the titular character who finds herself part of a high-end prostitution ring wherein she allows herself to be drugged so that clients can do anything they like to her, as she sleeps. Woah, Sleeping Beauty as a consensual date rape movie, written and directed by established author (and new filmmaker) Julia Leigh.

This movie, which I was totally unaware of, has jumped pretty high up onto my Must-Watch Movies list. The trailer shows beautifully shot, composed and coloured images. I am loving the musical and editorial tempo, at least at this level. And I think the idea (logline if you will) is very, very intriguing.

Here is the trailer, which is mildly NSFW.

What do you think?