I like Andrew Garfield – I even thought his was the best performance in The Social Network. So Mr. Garfield as Peter Parker really works for me.

And I like that this first teaser for The Amazing Spider-man is taking a darker (musical at least) approach to the tale of the web-slinger.

Since this is a ‘reboot’ it is natural that the film will cover some of the same ground as 2002’s Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man. No big deal, Christopher Nolan did it with Batman Begins and nobody complained (too much). So we know it can be done and that it can work brilliantly well.

But the thing that is really selling it for me as far as this first teaser goes is the very cool Spider-Vision (which is what I’m choosing to call all the very very cool first person-view or FPV shots we see towards the end of this teaser). I can only imagine how mind-boggling this imagery will look in 3D (I expect that these shots are going to deliver the same effect as that scene from Cliffhanger, yeah you know what I mean!).

After this first teaser, I am officially excited about director Marc Webb’s re-imagining of the Spider-Man story.