I am a little wary of movies made from Mark Millar comic books. Not quite in the way I dread the next attempt at bringing an Alan Moore masterpiece to the big screen… but it is definitely in the same ballpark.

See Wanted may have made over a hundred million at the US box office but there is no denying that that movie was a polished turd compared to helmer Timur Bekmambetov’s previous two movies (Night Watch and Day Watch). Kick-Ass has been directed by Matthew Vaughn, director of Layer Cake (okay…) and Stardust (good God!) and producer of the earlier (better) works of Guy Ritchie (and I do not count Swept Away in that lot).

So yeah, not the greatest precedents are being set here. Which means one has to rely on the trailers to give us the best sense of how this rather cool idea will play out as a movie.

The plot is pretty simple – regular guys with too much free time decide to don costumes and go out and play at being superheroes. Except, that no one has any superpowers. The guy who starts all this craziness goes by the masked vigilante alter ego of Kick-Ass.
However, the real star of these trailers is (depending upon where you read it) eleven or twelve-year-old Hit Girl played by Chloe Moretz. Now this character is truly one who kicks ass in all the trailers I’ve seen for this movie. And believe me, this is one of my more hotly anticipated releases of Hollywood’s early start to summer.

So check out the embedded movie trailer, and if you’re not stoked already, begin to feel that sense of anticipation for what appears to be totally, unashamedly, politically incorrect fun with guns and sharp blades.

I know I am.