So the first trailer appeared online for Alcatraz, a new JJ Abrams-executive produced show that arrives on American televisions later this year. (Not sure when we’ll get it in India but hey…if major Hollywood movies are premiering in India before they open at home, there is a possibility that we won’t be too late aboard this train.)

The Premise:
One of 302 prisoners who ‘disappeared’ before the island prison was closed down permanently in 1963, reappears as the prime suspect in a murder investigation in San Francisco in 2011. Detective Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) lands the case. Other key players in the show include Sam Neill as a ‘mysterious’ government agent, Jorge Garcia as an Alcatraz trivia enthusiast (and comic book afficionado) and Parminder Nagra as some sort of lab technician.

While it does a decent job of introducing the premise, I have to say the show strongly recalls themes and ideas from Lost, as well as other popular/familiar shows and movies. Like The X-Files (what if all of Mulder and Scully’s investigations had to do with people in just one location), or The Silence of the Lambs (Detective Rebecca Madsen’s haircut sure alludes to Clarice Starling’s coif).

Would I watch? Sure.

The first season of Lost was really exciting. Season Two came along and lost me (no pun intended) and I never returned to the fold.

There is actually an unlisted prisoner ‘303’ (code-named Winchester – nudge nudge wink wink) who is the key to this whole sordid mess?

The Trailer: