I have been working very hard over the past few days and bumping up against dead-ends with such frequency that I might be unrecognizable to most who know me quite well. And at times like that, it is not unusual to feel so bound by gravity that it can feel oppressive. I’m exaggerating I’m sure, but perhaps you know the feeling…?

This constant state of toil had left me with limited time for surfing through my usual inspiration points and just allowing the waves of global human creativity to wash over me. Until this morning, Sunday, when I’ve been granted a moment’s pause before I have to hit the ground running again. And I found this video.

Shot with the tiny GoPro cameras and made ethereal by the application of a post-production plug-in I’ve read a lot about (but never used) called Twixtor, this video is just beautiful.

I realize that it is an advertisement but it doesn’t matter. This morning as I watched this video, and then watched it again, I felt the pressure ease a little bit. To look at the beauty of these people floating through the air, so many thousands of feet above terra firma, how can one not be impressed?

For the feeling I got from watching this video, as much as for the technical and visual dexterity on display, this is our latest Stellar Short.

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