Animation is hard. Attempting multi-discipline animation is kinda nuts. Of course beautiful things come out of crazy experiments and that is exactly what was the outcome with Frames, a mixed media animation by Martin Thoburn and Matti Adoma. The styles mesh together pretty well and this film is quite a masterclass in varying styles of animation.

Like all the best animation, the net result is a thing of wonder.


All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
And staying right with our animation theme here is a beautifully rendered music video for an MGMT song called All We Ever Wanted Was Everything. The illustration style is just beautiful and the way the scenes are revealed add a dreamy infinite loop type quality to this work.

Directed by Ned Wenlock with character animation by Rodney Selby this one is a keeper.

For more information on the making of this video visit this link.


My Bloody Lad
This is the work of four young animators: Cyrille Chauvin, Guillaume Dousse, Thibaud Petitpas and Pierre Rutz and it is the type of mean fun that can really birghten up your day when things aren’t quite going your way. I like brightly-coloured animation that has a dark tone. And this film’s tone is pretty dark.


And finally this absolutely beautiful short animation that tells the story of a wondrous place.

Beautiful character design. Beautiful world creation. Watching works like this always fills me with a sense of wonder. Directed by Rémy Dereux, Maxime Hibon, Juliette Klauser, Raphaëlle Ranson and Louise Seynhaeve, this is a work destined to get its makers a lot of paying gigs in the future.