This time around, we have a theme: French.

Two of the shorts are actually in the language. And the third is a short called French Movie. It’s all very cool and entertaining though.

Vive l’Internet.

French Movie
The bullet flying over (and through) various shots in this film reminds me of the projectile of death from that ‘Freak On A Leash’ music video. But French Movie is its own brand of cool.

If this poem by David Lehman is any indication of the kind of work that is out in the world, I think I might go seeking some more poetry for personal consumption.

Heads Or Tales
This is just beautiful work. An animated tale with distinctive character design, a stunning visual interpretation of a city that is over-exposed in popular media, and a story that mixes reality and fantasy in equal measure for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Made by Pierre Bottai, Foehn Gallet, Kévin Herbrich, Adrien Kédochim and Gauthier Troalen at the Georges Melies School, this is yet another student film that proves that the future holds great promise for animated tales.

I cannot recommend this short enough.

La fin du Monde
There are short films, and then there are cinematic short films. La fin du Monde definitely falls into the latter category. The way it is lit, shot and edited, this is very accomplished film-making. There is special effects work, a cast large enough to populate a feature-length film and it is all handled so beautifully.

Sure ten minutes can seem like a long time in Internet-speak but this is really a film that needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

So check it out and then tell your friends.