So I’m going to begin with a link away from this page (and website) because well, why not.

The independent producer Ted Hope (21 Grams, The Ice Storm, In The Bedroom) has blogged a list of recommended steps for making good movies.

My favourite: Number 1.

Maintain wonder & love for the world & most/some of the people.

I suspect the reason why that is at the top of this list is because it may be the single most difficult thing to do, and putting it at the top means that every time you consider this list, that will be the first thing you see.

So if you’d like to print out and paste up this list for all your future filmmaking endeavours, here is that list of the 99 Recommended Steps For Making Good Movies.

Sony – Two Worlds
We’ve seen work like this before, and I suppose we’ll see it again but the reason for posting this commercial for a 3D TV is that it features the very very cool voice of Leonard Cohen reading his poem ‘That’s What I Heard You Say’. Oh yes, now that is a voice.

And if you are interested in such things, here is a behind the scenes video for the Two Worlds Commercial.

Dance || Skrillex {Remix}
I love cyber eclectica. Which is exactly what this video is. Check it out for a bit of Skrillex-inspired dance.

Hotel Manufacture Campaign
Kendy, the young and talented filmmaker responsible for this video makes very cool stylized video clips with a humble 550D Canon DSLR. I’ve been following his work for a while and it always looks beautiful. This promo/ad for Paris-based Hotel Manufacture is no different.

Inspired yet?

The Adventures of Tintin
This is an unofficial title sequence. That should probably be the one they use in the motion picture due to be released later this year. James Curran has used the simple motif of that head shape so beautifully that it highlights key points in the original comic book series and ties it up nicely with all that is to come in the big screen version of the beloved story.