Defective Detective

How quickly time passes. Feels like just yesterday that I was posting the first in our Cool Internet Stuff series, and now here is our twenty-fifth entry. As has been the trend thus far I am featuring a few short films; but I am starting this post off with a link to a blog post about screenwriting.

Writing Fight Scenes
The screenwriter John August should be named the Patron Saint of Screenwriters. In this post about writing action Mr. August does an amazing job (per usual) of illustrating what an action scene should look like on paper.

Two points from the post that I found personally useful:

  1. At the outset he reminds writers, “Always remember that you’re writing a movie, not a screenplay. Even though you only have words at your disposal, you’re trying to create the experience of watching a movie.”
  2. And he concludes with, “The scene as written gives a sense of what the final scene will feel like, even if a lot of the details change. That’s what you should be aiming for in a fight sequence.”

A screenplay is a blueprint for the motion picture to come. This does not mean that we are free from being specific, or clear. It also doesn’t mean that what we have written will appear in the filmed version.

Acknowledge this reality, digest it, and go forth and create with freedom.

Au Revoir Dogs
What does one say about a film like this except ‘well done’? Totally ‘meta’ this movie is.

A guy who made a move on his boss’s woman is tied up in a chair while the man watching him awaits instructions from the boss on how to deal with him. As they wait, they discuss Pulp Fiction (if you don’t know what the connection is I am not going to tell you).

Added to that little meta-connection is the fact that this is a film set in a single location (the dream of all indie film-making), features good performances and a satisfying end which allows me to remind myself yet again, that a lot of film-making comes down to execution.

Bravo David Wolfer Cadreur. Very well done indeed!

Tearing Strips
I chanced upon this short film by Shaun O Connor once I had already begun formatting this post but it was so well shot, coloured and enacted that I just had to include it in this post.

Two girl’s are returning from a day’s shopping when they hear a voice calling out to them…

The rest needs to be experienced.

Defective Detective
The level of detail and the quality of design and animation on display in this short film is phenomenal. Directed by Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis when they were still students, this take if a bumbling detective is heart-warming and funny in equal measures.

Spare a thought for the hours it must have taken to design and animate all that clutter in the detective’s apartment. The location, the mood, the colours, the hand-drawn dream sequence elements… I could go on and on.

This is absolutely fabulous work – good enough for Geller and Lewis to secure jobs at Pixar and DreamWorks respectively.

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