Our offerings in this edition of Cool Internet Stuff are bounteous indeed. Three short films, an essay and a photo set by a photographer who has made a name for himself in certain circles with the very distinctive style of photos he’s putting out.

Drop us a line in the comments if you’re doing interesting things you think people should know about. In the meantime, feast your eyes (and ears).

Studie Zwei
Matthias Heiderich’s photographs always inspire me to go out and take pictures of my own. I love what he does with his subject matter, the geometric order he successfully achieves and I am absolutely blown away by the colour palette he employs in these photo sets. I’ve been to Berlin (one of my favourite cities) but these pictures present an otherworldly space – completely unlike the city whose streets I can still remember.

The photograph above is from Mr. Heidrich’s latest collection of photos Studie Zwei and you can see the rest of the pictures here.

The Year of Wonders
A beautifully-written piece by author Alex Shakar about how a ‘timely’ book can become poison between the time it is bought by a publisher and released to a buying public.

“It was midday on a Monday in early August of the year 2000 and the bidding on my first novel had reached six figures, then paused for people to track down more cash. I was 32. I’d never made over $12,000 in a year.”

Read the rest of the article on a very well put together website called The Millions.

I love a good piece of motion graphics and this one serves the dual purpose of being pretty to look at and drawing attention to an epidemic being faced by honey bees.

There is more information and ways in which you can help at this website.

The Resale Right
Imaginative infographic videos are great. I am always impressed at how cleverly the filmmakers have utilized clever design to ‘punch up’ a possibly dry story. The subject of this one isn’t dry but it may also not immediately interest anyone who isn’t an artist or related to one.

Beautifully designed, animated and narrated though, so the film itself is a must-watch.

The Profit
And finally a short piece of fiction.

Science fiction actually. Featuring a popular science fiction trope – the cloning device.

Director Ross Turner and his team employ effective set design, well-planned shots and a tight running time to tell a story with a very useful moral.