Sure Thing on Cool Internet Stuff: Vol 23

I love the split-screen. The ability to tell different stories at the same time, or the same story from different view-points? Love it! So I am super excited about being able to feature two very different short films that use split-screens to tell love stories.

Oh yes, this is good stuff!

Splitscreen: A Love Story
This short film made me have two of my favourite love-hate reactions: “Aww man, why didn’t I think of that?” and “How the hell did they get some of those shots to synch up?”

Beautiful, epic and told in less than two-and-a-half minutes.

I expect Mr. JW Griffiths (such a movie mogul name) is going to go on to much bigger and better things.

Sure Thing
This short film really hits my sweet spots. I love the multiple-choice nature of the narrative. I love that it does such a great job of exposing the truth behind an individual’s choices. And it is supremely successful at explaining why ‘love at first sight’ could possibly turn into ‘disappointment by ninth date’.

Very accomplished film-making by Daniel Pennington.