A beautiful stop-motion animated short, an equally beautiful infographic video about a terrifying near-future reality and a tidy documentary of a man and his cool muscle car. That’s what we’re presenting in this edition of Cool Internet Stuff.

The muscle car is a thing of beauty. It really is. And in this short documentary the folks at ALCHEMYcreative introduce us to a man, somewhere in America who owns a beautiful muscle car, that he has cared for and maintained in prime condition for forty years!

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus
This is an amazingly beautiful infographic video about a scary phenomenon that could affect all our lives, a lot sooner than we think.

Marvel at the design and efficiency of information delivery and then find a rock to crawl under and hide.

The missus introduced me to this film and it is just a triumph of character design. Stop motion animation is pain-staking work and this film is a really impressive achievement. Those little bundles of yarn emote way better than almost all of the actors working today.

And it is a really sweet story.