We’ve got a couple of short films for you on this edition of CIS and they are examples of just full-on madness – in the best way possible.

First up

Carrot vs. Ninja
From the title onwards this one has got its game going on with cool special effects, great character design and a simple yet fun story.

Those in the business (advertising, filmmaking, special effects) will know that The Mill is a visual effects studio responsible for some fantastic work over the past few years. Now clearly this short film was a playtime project for them and it is just awesome that they came up with stuff like this in their down time.

Next up is

A Trophy Wife’s Tale
This is the type of film i can only describe as psycho-delicious. Beautifully shot, featuring an attractive cast and just some creepy goings-on rendered in a bright, cheerful palette. What a wonderful way to creep an audience out.

Kudos Mr. Wehner, this is just masterfully done!