A wide variety of cool stuff awaits in this edition of CIS. From some stunning photography to a clever photography-related prank to a fun little music video to a documentary short about the manufacture of veritable works of art, we’re taking the time and making the effort to be diverse. We hope you like it.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, with tips or suggestions for material you’d like to see featured on future editions of Cool Internet Stuff.

The Hourglass
This is that type of film – where it is difficult to figure out whether to marvel at the wrok being documented or to focus on the actual style of documentation itself.

This is a beautifully-shot film about the making of hourglasses, and totally well worth your time (no pun intended).

Sons of a Glitch
A fun little piece of filmmaking to promote a musical act. And the little dog is very cute.
And I kinda love the name.

Japanese Girls Prank

Oh this is just too hilarious for words. And it fits in so brilliantly in our world when a humble romantic comedy has so many visible and invisible special effects in it that it was only a matter of thime before our TV prank shows incorporated visual sleight of hand.

This is most definitely a fantastic way to play a prank. So so very cool.

The Photography of Art Kane
He was born Arthur Kanofsky in New York City and he died at the age of 69 in 1995. I was unfamiliar with any of this work up until very recently but now this might well be my current biggest source of inspiration for making photographs in the near future.
Feast your eyes, this is beautiful work.

The Daniels make cool work – weird work but also cool. We’ve featured them earlier on CIS and this new film is another example of a simple idea cleverly infused with special effects and sly humour to make it new.

And a little creepy.

But that’s okay.