We are back to the filmmaking inspirations in this edition of Cool Internet Stuff. We have featured a beautifully crafted inspirational story, a nice couple of tongue-in-cheek infographics, and this first video highlights how filmmaking can be a fun group activity.

See you Around Hong Kong
Now this looks like a really fun idea. Get a group of friends with cameras together and then enact various scenes, that are shot simultaneously (or as simultaneously as possible) so that you can take the stills and stitch them together to make little ‘bullet time’ videos.


My Source: Petapixel

Aspiring Filmmaker?
These superbly designed and kinda tongue-in-cheek infographics really do a great job of breaking down the processes involved in the making of an action or horror film.

Think you’ve got what it takes? All of it?

Then what are you waiting for? Make that movie already!

The Butterfly Circus
The Butterfly Circus has production values that would put several major movie franchises to shame. It is very nicely acted, beautifully shot and tells a powerful story over its 20-something minute duration. Yes the duration is a little daunting, but stick with it. It really pays off nicely.

The official website states that The Butterfly Circus is soon going to be a feature film.

Let me put it this way, every once in a while, a moving story comes along, that just needs to be experienced.

This is one such film.